Who is Simply Kim?

Simply Kim is me, Kim Cowen. I’m a writer who wasn’t writing as much as she should when I started this blog in August 2016. It originally started as something else and like most good things in life it grew into something better because I kept feeding and loving it.

“Simply Kim” was born 12 months after I’d started blogging. It’s a work in progress (like life) and always under construction.

I write about keeping things simple and celebrating the imperfect life. This blog is about the minutiae of life, my life and that which surrounds me (probably your life, if you’ve stopped by). It’s about the simple things and calling bullshit on any level of complexity. It’s a bit cheeky, hopefully entertaining and involves more than just a healthy dose of over-sharing. I like to help so you’ll find tips and suggestions in some of my posts too. I’m not paid to write about anything but if that changes I’ll be sure to let you know that a post is sponsored.

If you’re not a fan of swear words then perhaps my words aren’t for you.
I drink red wine. I swear. My life. My rules.


When I’m not obsessively checking¬†my notifications from the Simply Kim facebook page you’ll find me running a Melbourne motion graphics and animation studio¬†with my husband or making play doh delicacies with our daughter at home in Melbourne’s Bayside.

These are my words. My thoughts. My opinions. Feel free to reach out, say hi or comment. I love a chat (especially if you bring wine!). The best place to chat is on my Facebook Page or, if you’re a professional rule-breaker you might like to join the closed group…where we swear, share secrets and colour outside the lines, a lot!

Thanks for stopping by.

PS. I can write words for you for money. Hit me up if you need a wordsbitch for something. Also open to collaborate if something feels right. I love bringing like-minded people together, lifting each other up and drinking red wine. Keep it simple. x