Mama (doesn’t really) Need A New Pair of Shoes

If ever there was a pair of shoes calling my name it’s these babies. Fucking wonder woman pointed gold flats. There is nothing I don’t love about them. I’m even looking past the fact that they are pure PVC (or “vegan” as the hipsters call it these days).

Not only are they soft, flexible and comfy but they smell like bubble gum and feel like success because they’re fucking Wonder Woman. Sorry, I’m repeating myself (and my expletives) but that’s how much joy this simple purchase has brought to me in the space of 5 minutes. I’ve even put aside everything on my to-do list this morning to write about my joy immediately.

I can’t believe that just 4 short days ago I was going about my business (of scrolling my Facebook groups aimlessly and connecting here and there with my tribe) when up these popped on the feed. Holy take-my-fucking-money Batman! I was all over that post (which wasn’t sponsored, and neither is this one, as it happens) and Googling just as fast as my non-touch-typist fingers could go. They hit my doorstep a few days later and here I am…in love with a new pair of shoes.

It’s at this point I need to admit that I am a hopeless shopper of fashion. I have zero clue and usually just buy black with something stretchy and vaguely rock’n’roll and leave the shop (in person or online). I’m not even that interested in fashion. One day when I make so much money and I’ve already fed the world’s starving I will pay someone who is interested in fashion to buy my wardrobe and dress me. But that day is not today. Today is for my simple $115 pair of Wonder Woman PVC shoes.

While I’m a hopeless fashion shopper I’m a professional impulse buyer. See something. Like it. Buy it. Which is probably why I’m not a homeowner and drive a beaten up Toyota instead of the Audi that would no doubt suit my personality more.

So these little beauties are my latest impulse buy and I just wanted to spin around, change into Wonder Woman and show them off to you all.

Job done. Happy Friday.

You may like to re-read this post while listening to this:

You can buy them here and read all about the pure PVC goodness of Melissa Bubble Gum scented shoes here

Not sponsored just spreading the good word.

2 thoughts on “Mama (doesn’t really) Need A New Pair of Shoes

  1. ? so cool. Just wondering if Wonder Woman wore orthotics. I want them, even if I don’t ever actually walk in them.

    • You know what Chris? She probably could if she wanted to. She’s bloody Wonder Woman. I imagine she’d probably just buy a size up to accomodate…I imagine… 😉 x

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