Food Court Freak Out

So you’re at the shopping centre (a place I like to call “middle earth hell”) and it’s lunch time and you MUST EAT. You haven’t packed your lunch and there were no leftovers to grab and go. What do you do? Well…you could line up at Maccas and ask for their smallest kids meal and skip the toy ‘cos you just want the fries OR you could make some sensible food choices. Which believe it or not, you can still do in a food court brimming with processed foods and sugary goodness.

My advice (which is my opinion and in no way backed up by research or anythin’ official) is to have a few ideas of what you CAN eat that are good go-to-type foods. Otherwise you’ll look around and focus on what you can’t eat. So let’s start this challenge on a positive note shall we? To do this you’ll need to spend a bit of time researching options NOW…before you’re stuck the middle of hell wondering which food court line to join. Being prepared means you’ll make good choices. There’s nothing like the crazy town of a Westfield and the whingeing demands of your kids to have you steer off track and right into sugar central.

Top 3 Things to Survive a Food Court

  1. Be prepared and know your options in advance
  2. Protein + Veg and/or Salad (skips the carbs)
  3. Ignore that 98% Fat Free bullshit. We’re not about fats, we’re about sugar. Some fats are good.

Can I have Sushi?

Here are links to a few pretty common fast food places that have very helpfully placed their menus with nutritional info online so you and research and decide for yourself if that chicken wrap really is as nutritionally fabulous as the photo-shopped photo says it is!

So take a look and make your own decisions. You’re 100% in charge of your choices. Just arm yourself with info and make good choices. Or not..have a Maccas day if you want, no one really cares…except you.

Oh and by the way…I have zero affiliation with any of these businesses…but I do like
Roll’d cos PHO!

And finally…if you need a snack grab a HUGE veggie juice from Boost. Preferably one the size of your head that will fill you up to the very top!

So tell me, how do you survive food courts? Share your tips if you fancy. x

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