Love is Love: Raise a Flag

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To our LGBTI friends (or as I like to call you…‘friends’),

Get married. Get divorced. Live in sin.
Raise families. Stay single. Love who you want.
I don’t care.
What I do care about. Passionately.
Is that you live your life, your way.
Everyone has that right.

I do not support the Australian Government spending my money to make you feel less than who you are.

I want them to spend that money to put food on the table of the needy and to build schools for our children and to give homes to the homeless.

I do not support the Australian Government wasting years debating an issue that has an inevitable outcome.The time to reform the Marriage Act is now.

I want the Australian Government to spend no more money.
To spend no more time.
To just get it done.
Love is love. Love conquers all.
The Australian people stand with you.

6 thoughts on “Love is Love: Raise a Flag

  1. I want to do anything that means we support our LGBTI friends in their quest for equality, inclusion, LOVE! I am just worried that in being negative about any (useless) plebiscite, the ‘No’ campaigners will consider this as support of their case. Yes, I support gay marriage and I want my voice to be heard….somehow….anyhow!

  2. Heterosexuals telling Gay people “what they want” or “what they need” is patronising and offensive. I am a gay man who has been in a relationship with the same person since 1980 and this offends me. The point is why did the ALP support the changes Mr Howard made ? Why didn’t the Rudd Gillard Rudd government do it the had the chance ? and why did the ALP stop it from happening by blocking the plebiscite in the senate ? My partner and I could have been married in February and were looking forward to that. Now you are telling us (demanding) that we wait till the next election or longer when there is a clear way forward, thanks MUM, but your not my MUM. Now as to a parliamentary vote, what stops is being changed latter on ? Absolutely nothing when the likes of Peter Khalil, Sam Dast and others like them for religious reasons think we should be thrown off the tops of buildings for being born the way we are become the majority, after all its just a parliamentary vote ? The comment about the $133 m is totally disingenuous, the Victorian government is spending $10,000 per gay person per year on PREP so that they can have “unsafe sex”, that embarrasses me as I think that money would be better spent on people that through no fault of their own might be dying ! To illustrate this nature of the vote in parliament think of Mr Shortens $600 million promise to have two referendums in the first hundred days (over 4 times the amount (17,500 annual pensions)). Why a referendum or public vote ? Because it is proof that, that is what Australians want, and it means there is less likely to be a vote to change it latter on and in this case the constitution needs to be changed so that the only what the decision can be reversed is by a vote from the entire population, not by a parliamentary vote, in secret as was done by Mr Howard with help from the ALP [FACT].

    So what you are advocating on my behalf is take a parliamentary vote which you know will fail so that I have to wait till at least 2019 because its trendy and you haven’t thought about is (or you are an ALP or union trollbot). Thanks MUM but your not my mum and I find that all just patronising/matronising and OFFENSIVE. If you are Gay then we have a difference of opinion, cool. If not then really you DON’T speak for me or my partner of almost 40 years and what you are really doing is delaying something that should be our basic human right (even though we are actually OK under the law but you probably don’t know that)

    • Thanks for visiting my blog and for your passionate post Thomas. Welcome to Simply Kim…where we all stand together on this issue. By your side.

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